Tuesday, July 12, 2005



It’s Monday again and I can’t believe how full of dread I am in anticipating today’s shot. I guess last week with the two-day hangover was a reminder that things change. Plus, after blowing the second shot, I got too sure that this was going to be no problem. There’s always something to learn. The script can change with any new twist of circumstance.

It’s been 4 hours now since Angela administered the shot. I’ve become squeamish about poking myself with needles -- that’s a new one. This time I had a dose of Ibuprofen before the Interferon. Then I waited a good 45 minutes before doing anything further. I’ve been out to the store, ate a small supper, and now I feel relaxed enough to write in the journal. I have yet to feel those hideous chills or the aching in my body. I did nap for a half an hour right after the shot. All in all, I feel all right. I’m going to take another Ibuprofen in a while and hope for an evening free of side effects. I do feel sleepy and heavy- eyed. However, this is not the irritation that I was feeling last week. It just goes to show you how important it is to follow your doctor’s orders.

The first thing Dr. Sethian said to me when I told him about the side effects was, did I take the pain medication before the shot? I’m just trying to create a formula that makes the whole process easy to bear as possible. So far, today has been good.

Tuesday, tired-day. Okay, a pattern is starting to emerge. I am getting what the fatigue thing is about. It is not debilitating, just nagging and ever present on the day after the shot. I am pulling myself through the day’s chores though because tomorrow I leave for Finland to play a festival. This is my first time out on the medication. I have been playing all year without alcohol which was a little weird at first – that beer in hand was always just part of the deal. Anyway, I like it this way. But we’ll see how I do on a weird sleep schedule, long flights, and late nights. I only have to pack the Ribavarin because I don’t have another shot until Monday, and I will be home then. By the way, I know how lucky I am to have a job and a lifestyle that is pretty well suited to this treatment. Most people do not have the luxury of taking naps when they are tired and just letting the drugs do their thing. More about that when I get back.