Saturday, October 14, 2006


FRIDAY 13, 2006

Here we are again with a new entry and a fresh start. While some things
are as yet not cleared up in the continuing saga of all things MC5, a
portal opens for those of us bent on creating something out of nothing,
and to hell with those who can’t tolerate it. I remember a time when I
was in a federal lock-up and I told my counselor that I thought
getting busted and going through the worst of times was actually a good
thing because I was going to come through it a wiser person. He said
to me "you mean you are turning your mistakes into success?" I said,
"yeah, that’s it." So I came out a wiser person, but 10 years later, I
got addicted again, and that’s when I think I contracted Hep C. Like
Yogi Berra says, "It ain’t over ‘til it’s over." I don’t think it’s
ever over. One just has to always stay strong and that ain’t always
Those of you who followed my treatment in the blog, INTERFERON FUNNY
GUY, know the hardships that were placed on my family while I struggled
with anemia, lethargy, grouchy-ness, sullen attitude, and apathy
brought about by the chemo. At the end of a year, I emerged from the
doldrums a happier character, with a new reality. Then, as I was about to
end chemo, I had a near-death experience in a motorcycle accident on
a Pasadena freeway. That was a one-two punch to last a lifetime.
Since that time life has been in a state of continuous improvement.
Every single day provides enormous satisfaction. Not only did I resolve
my fascinations with drugs and alcohol, I learned the value of each and
every moment that I have been granted in this life. Why couldn’t I have
seen it in the beginning? Well, that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?
It’s how you get there that tells the story and makes it valuable.

On Saturday, October 21, I will be appearing on a telethon that is
being held to create funding and awareness for Hepatitis C sufferers. I
will be special guesting with a blues band called Kelly’s Lot, and doing an on the air interview during the telecast, which will be streamed on the internet and
televised on a local channel here in Los Angeles. My friend and musical
comrade, Wayne Kramer is also appearing with his solo band to support the cause. Please go to HYPERLINK "" for more information about this.

Music Is Revolution is real, real, real. Launched this week,
HYPERLINK "" hit the net and we couldn’t be prouder. The
mini-grants are immediately accessible to all public school teachers
who desire to provide a musical experience for their students. We’ll
see what happens, but whatever it is, you know that can’t be bad, yeah,
yeah, yeah. I am really hopeful that through our efforts and way cool
people who make up "The Bored," it will catch on and grow to outrageous

The story goes like this: when I was in the hospital after my motorcycle wreck, a biker buddy from the Bay Area named Thunder Watso offered to create a benefit gig for my medical expenses. I felt compelled to decline the offer since I wasn’t desperate financially. That’s when it came to me; if the benefit was inevitable, how about raising money for a cause of our choosing other than for me? Angela and I worked out the details of creating a non-profit foundation dedicated to music education in public schools, and asked Thunder if he would like to promote the first benefit for Music Is Revolution. Angela has years of experience in working with non-profits that support public education, and we have had an amazing group of professionals come forward to support the cause and work with us. Re. the benefit, four great bands will be playing at Annie’s Social Club in San Francisco on October 19. It’s going to be a great inaugural event for MIR. We are also collecting musical instruments and having them repaired, lubed and tuned, and distributed to schools around the country, and are currently accepting mini-grant applications to submit to our review board. Check the website for details. When the first mini-grant application came in from a sixth grade teacher here in Pasadena, the description of her class and their needs, and her obvious dedication to her students as she described her plans for the grant money, brought tears to my eyes.

DKT is getting back on the road soon. For the first time in 35 years,
we will be performing with the Stooges at Thurston Moores’ All
Tomorrows Parties Festival in Somerset, England. In addition, we will
do a brief tour, playing in Spain, Belgium, Holland, France, England,
Ireland, and Northern Ireland. I’m really excited about getting back
with my mates and KickingOutTheJams one more time… Lord knows, we need

Check out the News section at HYPERLINK "" for more info on that.

Well, that’s it from milepost 69.
Hope everyone is doing fine.
Because you’re mine,
I walk the line.