Friday, July 22, 2005



So I was gone all of 5 days, 6 planes, 1 gig. A one–off in the land of the midnight sun. The traveling kicked my ass, but good. I’m still not really over it. As for the treatment, it wasn’t a factor. I only had to take the Ribaviren, anyway. Being at a 10 hour time difference made it fairly easy to adjust my dosage taking time. Merely subtract 2 hours from the current time and that is a 12 hour interval. It worked out fine.


I went to see Dr. Bartley on Monday. He said my blood count didn’t change too much.*(see editor's note) So, everything was looking good. I did the Monday shot of Interferon when I got home. This time I took Ibuprofen as a pre-med. Everything was smooth this time. The only thing in the last two days that is remarkable is a definite case of lethargy. This may be heightened by extreme jet lag and lack of sleep, that the all of last week was. I, in fact, suffer from insomnia, but haven’t recognized it as such until now. If I can get on a normal sleep schedule, I think the lethargy will go away.

Editor's Note:
*This refers to a complete count of red and white blood cells. A viral cell count doesn't occur until week 12 of the treatment.