Thursday, November 09, 2006



MUSIC IS REVOLUTION has begun with a generous outpouring of goodwill,
rock and roll, and funding in the streets, ha, ha. On October 19, in
San Francisco, Thunder Watso and friends, The Lords of Altamont, The
Corruptors, and White Barons, played the inaugural MIR event raising
enough money to create the very first MIR mini-grant. Great day in the
morning, the Foundation rears up for battle. Charge on, my little pony,
we got a world of kids to lay the musical mystery tour on. Immeasurable
thanks to all those who donated their time, talent, and gas, driving
hundreds of miles, or pushing their way through traffic to make it
happen. I’m very proud to have such a great family of friends who care
enough to stand up for the cause. Applications for mini-grants have
started to pour in. These are really exciting when you read what the
teachers have proposed for their students. The imagination and value of
their ideas are beyond anything I might have though of and show
tremendous affection and respect for their pupils. When we
bequeath the first grant later this month we will describe the details of these
wonderful programs. Stay up on it.

As for Interferon Funny Guy, he, …I mean I, am getting a blood re-test
today and will have the results before I leave for the UK and
European dates end of this month. I’ve started back to the Rose Bowl,
as was my routine a year and a half ago before the treatment and a
motorcycle accident interrupted everything. I don’t regret either of those things though. The treatment, although a hell of a long one, and brutal at times, was
monumental in changing my perspective, not to mention my health. The
bike wreck was also a big positive, believe it or not. In that critical
moment when fate put out its hand, I learned the value of every other
moment. I’ve had to bide my time for cycling until my back was strong
enough, and my body healed enough to do a few miles. The bicycle feels
great and although I’m weaker than I ought to be, it’s a start. I’ve
said that before. I have a nice little hybrid Trek on which to get back up and
running. On this type of bike, I sit more upright in the saddle than
leaning forward like on the road bike. I can’t let it go now, because at
my age, it’s important to keep active before the body does its downhill
slide. Angela is preparing excellent meals and helping the boys and me make good food choices every day. She is finding some great new recipes in Men’s Health magazine (the boys and I like being fed “muscle-chow” as the magazine calls it, so she has found a good balance). Check it out, lots of cool stuff and fragrance samples too.
While I’m on the subject, INTERFERON FUNNY GUY is going to undergo a
Make-over. Barring an unforeseen positive viral finding in the re-test,
the trials of The Funny Guy and his Interferon Fun days are but a
memory. I shall return to being Michael Davis, bass man, showman, and
human, located in present day Solar System, kicking out many jams man.
The new version of Interferon Funny Guy will be known as "ON THE GUEST LIST w/ Michael Davis". Interferon Funny Guy won’t go away entirely, I don’t want to abandon that, but I do want to be able to discuss a more diverse range of topics and have the blog easier to access. Well, we’ll see what happens. In the meanwhile, those are the notes of the day. I am pleased to say; soon we will see the light at the end of a long dark hallway. We have waited, and this time
the freedom bell will chime.

Michael Davis