Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Day 1

It’s a new year. Let’s hope it’s a good one! After all those years of celebrating, complete with non stop cheer and recovery, I cannot imagine what could be more disenchanting than waking in the morning with a pumpkin sized hangover from holiday bliss making. Those are days gone by. It took a very long time to find my way out of that. So, for what it’s worth, I must thank my old Dr. Sethian for bringing me to the doorstep of self-realization and cure. Tomorrow, it will be one year that I removed alcohol from my life. I cannot express how glad I am to be done with it. It just causes so many problems. We had a great holiday, a very happy time.
I keep plodding along, giving myself injections. After missing a couple of weeks of blood enhancing goodies from snafus at the lab and running out of syringes, I’m back to a daily routine. Pain in the ass it is (not literally), forcing myself to do what I know I have to do. I’ll go for a lab analysis tomorrow, this time checking the viral load along with the usual items. Yesterday was lousy. The day after the interferon consistently is unforgiving. Every evening I’m cold. I cram myself under the blankets in fetal mode trying to get warm. Lately I use Lanocane to quell the itching. It had gotten so bad, that I scratched my legs to bleeding. Then the nerves would light up like someone was holding a red-hot iron on a few spots. It’s been going on like this for some time. Funny, how I’ve gotten used to it.
Angela has been great, what a partner. She’s got so much work every day, all day and into the evening. Yet, she manages to run the household and feed everyone, see to their complaints, and keep me in good spirits while we struggle with the longevity of the treatment. It’s alright for us though - we feel pretty good about doing it together. I imagine it could be really tough for someone to have to do it on their own.
I have great plans for this year. In the coming months I’ll have more to talk about with my creative projects. I’ll be in Scandinavia and Italy shortly, and will make a full report as those things develop. That’s it for now. Stay on top. Keep the faith. Sayonara. Happy New Year.