Tuesday, October 25, 2005



Ok, week 16, 17, I don’t know. Anyway, last week I tried to make a blog of it but it just wasn’t happening. A little tired of talking/complaining/explaining/proclaiming, each and every drama pertaining to Interferon and its sidekick Riba. Not that any of it has changed. In fact, some new distractions are besetting the normally pacific nature of M.D. It’s the usual fatigue and weary state of energy, plus the now 24/7 itchy skin manifestation that is my personal shadow. AAIEEE!!! I’m a scratching machine. Plus the dogs came up with fleas this week, and if you’ve ever had an animal with fleas, well, you know what that can do to your psyche.

The past week has been great, actually, because I have finally gotten to do my thing as a special guest with The Lords of Altamont. I did three tunes with them at The Scene in Glendale, CA. It couldn’t have gone down better. I am really pumped up now. The set I did with Darren McCarty’s band in Detroit was cool, no doubt, but this one was out of control satisfying. I got to do all the singing and it just seemed like everything was finally the way it should be. Next weekend we will be in Vegas for Halloween. We can work up a couple more tunes this week and there will be no stopping us. Gearhead is super excited about this and we are too. I’m feeling all the frustrations of years of restraints peeling away like layers of an onion or the skin from an avocado. So, which is it, avocado or onion? Right now I have all positive expectations. This is what I have been waiting for all these years.

Opportunity leads to more opportunity. As I step away from the remnants of the past, my past remains as important as ever insofar as who I am. I’m ok with all of it, but best of all I get to write my own story from here on. I’m no longer champing at the bit to get free of anyone else's self-appointed anointed flat-tire push wagons. This is my jockey move on the track. It’s all over baby. It’s a new world disorder now.