Saturday, November 08, 2008

Greetings folks. How times have changed and so has this blog. I have decided to reveal some fresh word sculpture to the web of Our Lady Svengirly. Do feel free to drop me a note of comment if you are so inclined. I always enjoy getting a response, be it affirming or perhaps utter disgust. No problem, heh heh. Well, I'll try to remain calm and peaceful. Much has gone down the gulch since I logged in with an update. I'll get us up to speed soon, but I guess for now, I want to start by saying everything is cool, or cooler, and with our new saviour President-Elect Obama appointed to lead us out of Purgatory and on to the promised land. I do feel a sense of happiness and hope in my being for a change, no pun intended. Actually, I can't wait for the current president's removal, as in toxic waste, so we can revive the sense of oneness we once carried as our banner. At last the population came through -- came through and did the right thing by confirming that we have suffered disgrace much too long to be subjected to the ignorant policies of those who seek to repress free expression. Everywhere in the coverage of the election I saw the faces of youth, not only young, but those youthful in spirit, gleaming with joy, an outpouring of relief, and even many tears of jubilation, in the coming of real intelligent decision.
The result of the election has also opened my eyes to a number of things I had taken much for granted. Seeing such a breakthrough as happened November 4th, I realized how racism is an across-the-board enemy of truth. The world has some big changing to do, and I think we are ready for it at last. So, we put our hope in our new leader. I see him as "up for the task". He is all we got right now, and it has to be right now, not later.
Finally, while we feel euphoria and celebration, keep in mind that the task ahead is not Barack Obama's alone. Everyone must do their part to get our house in order. The world could be a sane place if we'd just do what we know in our hearts is right. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you. Come on everybody, let the good times roll.