Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Here is my art contribution for the 7th Annual Doll Drive Raffle. Numero uno in the Siren Series. The winner of this baby will own the inaugural piece. If you are in L.A., you can hook up with the Hell's Belles this Thursday, December 16, at Villian's Tavern in Los Angeles, free admission.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Huge thanks to Cristina Marth for donations sent to us for the 7th Annual Doll Drive in Los Angeles on December 16. These art creations will be available for the raffle drawing that takes place on the evening of the party. Cristina has also enlisted the help of her friend and fellow artist, Jan Robb, and we send our deep felt thanks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Find What You Are Looking For and Help Music Revolution Too! Please go to goodsearch.com and choose The Music Is Revolution Foundation as your charity. Then every time you use GoodSearch as your search engine, you will be helping us help teachers keep music education alive in public schools! And it is free for you. So, please do this now and tell your friends too. Instead of pouring millions into Google's coffers, add a few cents into Music Is Revolution, and feel good about it.


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Music Is Revolution Now!

Hi guys...and gals.

Music Is Revolution has moved to Portland. It is a great city with much good vibe and outlandish beautiful culture, not to mention its natual attributes and awesome historical significance. We are happy to be here, but once again, our society is under the desperation that accompanies hard times, and we are provoked bring some help for the cause. With the current crisis in the economy, unemployment at all time highs, and inability of our public resources to provide funding for education, the state of our educational system faces the deepest cuts in funding that all but eliminate music from the school experience. I know what music has given me in my life, and wonder what the lack of it might have been like. That is something that is hard to imagine. It is up to us, as private and concerned citizens to provide help where help is not possible from public resources. Music Is Revolution is currently building a new website and acquiring new friends here and around the world even, to bring the cause of music education into focus for the positive benefits that it brings us. Music Is Revolution is also arranging fund raising events so everyone can join the power that we can create.

I am going to be posting all of the activities of MIR right here. If anyone wants to be a part of my solution, leave me your email contact and I will be in touch. The time is right now. Let's get it rolling. You can help me help what society has a hard time recognizing; that it is our youth, our children, who will be holding the controls of the world in a short amount of time. Let's give them what we know will bring about a better world; a musicly enriched heart and soul. Thanks to you all.

Yours faithfully, Michael Davis