Wednesday, July 19, 2006


> Been a while…
> About a month, I reckon since the last post. Formerly known as
> Interferon Funny Guy, past the Gates of Hell, into the sublime of Non:
> a rose speckled garden of non-description and tangent variety, I have
> traveled - made a trip or two down the Lovers Lane, brimming with
> white
> foam beach scenes and noiseless wave pounding surf shows, I gaze and I
> gaze and I gaze. It’s hardly a memory now, that time of endlessness.
> This body was wracked on the freeway within death's grip and the
> moment
> yielded fresh life. But now have I seen my death and fear it no more.
> In addition, or as a bonus, I saw through the veils of the past (my
> back pages), beyond the next menu attraction, at the character
> known as
> Me. So, with a newer resolve than ever before, I plot to capture the
> untainted aspects of the things that I lost long ago. Music, art,
> writing, all of it, all at once, now is my last and best choice.
> For anyone who might be interested, I have some back problems that
> need
> more than mere time to correct. I went to board a plane from an
> outside
> gangway, took the first step on the stair, and…nothing happened,
> except I
> fell to the ground. My leg just sort of took a break from reality
> and put
> my ass down. That sucked, but no one saw the mishap, because I was the
> last one boarding the plane. Well, except for the airline guy who was
> directing the group to the gangway. I’m sure he was confounded at the
> sight of me falling down for no apparent reason. Then when I went
> to get
> off the shuttle bus, I fell again on the first step. This time, a
> lot of
> people saw the fall, some of whom were my family. I was pissed or just
> plain humiliated. So, that’s what’s happenin’. Something having to
> do with
> the fucked vertebrae and the leg isn’t making the grade. I’ll work
> on it.
> Other than that, I’m having a positive influence on me. I’ve got a
> bunch of paint and canvas, and a cool place to get it together. As
> usual, life goes on and new people come into the picture, and I feel
> great. It is immensely satisfying to be rid of the virus. It was
> crappy
> at first, but once I fixed my mind to win, I got used to it.
> I’ll try to post every once in a while, like when I have
> something to
> say, or if someone asks, as happened this time. So, if you post a
> comment, I have to reply with a posting. It’s not a bad deal. I
> kind of
> like it this way. Hang in there folks, "it ain’t over ‘til it’s over",
> and then you never know, it might come back to haunt you.