Friday, September 30, 2005



Holy Jumpin’ Jack Flash, people are coming out of the wood work to tell me about they’re own struggles with Hep C, and other “chemo” related hell rides. What it means is that to go through what chemo does to your being takes you out of what you’ve become and sets you spinning back to where you came from. You are going to hold on to anything to keep from blowing away in a stormblast of disintegration. In the end, you have to take it head on, and trust that you are a better person than you think. At least that’s how I see it. “Trust in fate” my old friend, Bobby Lee, in Ann Arbor used to say. In a way, I do. But I also think you can change pathways in a split second, and it can be monumental. Thus, you can call your own plays and change them at the line of scrimage. Oooh, that was a good one! Some people are going; what the hell is he talking about… football, dear hearts…football.

Oh yeah, I haven’t mentioned about the open bleeding lip sore that won’t go away. It starts whenever I touch a microphone while singing. A day or two later my lip becomes inflamed, and eventually splits open. Then it moves from spot to spot until any sort of contact turns it into a bleeding hole. This ain’t normal. Lots of skin abnormalities happen. Hang on Sloopy, Sloopy hang on. This last one took nearly a month to heal! Ouch. It took Angela and me a long time to put two and two together that this is related to my reduced/devastated immune system.

The whole week of taking care of the boys has been, well, … ok. At this point I’m getting over-stressed about having to do everything. As I try to finish a task they add to it before I even finish the first pile. I ‘m working up a strategy to fix that. Also, when I correct something, it only corrects that moment not the behavior. This results in a constant berating of each individual until I hate myself for being such a grouch. For the most part they all have behaved better than they normally do. They’re trying to be good scouts. It’s all right.

My wife will be home two nights from now. She and Jake have done the blitzkrieg press tour of Europe. We all will be glad to be reunited.

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Jnewday said...

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